Lyonara Cold Stores

Lyonara has become Ireland’s leading provider of warehousing to the chilled/frozen goods sector and is equipped to handle large quantities of goods across Ireland, distributing both nationally and internationally. With strategic depot locations in Portlaoise, Roscrea and Mallow, Lyonara can offer Irish and International businesses high-quality chilled storage solutions

Cold and Chilled Storage

Lyonara Cold Stores is a leading supplier of frozen and chilled storage solutions for businesses across Ireland. Our multi-temperature warehouses and refrigeration services meet the most stringent requirements for handling a broad range of temperature-controlled food products.

Ambient Storage Warehousing

Lyonara Cold Stores is also a provider of premium warehousing facilities for dry goods. Ambient storage is for best suited for the majority of retail products that need to be maintained at room temperature. Our warehousing services are provided through our three depots and are fully integrated into our wider supply chain system, ensuring we provide a fully consolidated service


Our Tempering facilities are used to bring frozen products back to a higher temperature. Also known as a Defrost or Quick Thaw facility, this cold storage solution offers an effective means of defrosting while preserving product integrity.

Blast Freezing

At Lyonara Cold Stores we have extensive Blast Freezing facilities at several locations. Blast freezing services are available with a product turnaround of 24 to 36 hours. We have devised our blast freezing process in consultation with some of the largest exporters of food produce in Ireland, ensuring we can cater to any food variety.


Lyonara Cold Stores have developed a strategic partnership with Adare Transport allowing us to offer various transportation options to customers regarding their stored goods. Adare Transport operate both nationally and internationally with an expansive fleet of modern trucks and refrigerated trailers. All Adare Transport trucks are tracked throughout Europe. Adare Transport offers instant location information for all customers providing real-time information on the location of their products and expected delivery times.

Our Clients

We provide a variety of innovative temperature-controlled warehousing options, all of which ensure that the quality of the stored product is maintained to the level our clients and their customers expect.

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